On being forged into a warrior mom

If I could summarize our journey from Hell to HOPEISM, it would be in my faith, which I call HOPEISM. It has been my weapon of choice to get me through each battle I have had to fight in my mission to win our war called life with autism and seizures. Vaccine injury to be more specific. It would also be in committing to heart, soul, & mind the words and motto's from Forged, NDCQ, the Lone Survivor, and Levi Lusko in his book, "Through the Eyes of a Lion." I will be forever grateful to the inspiration, encouragement, and mental fortitude found through all of them collectively. Because of that, I am not allowing this tragedy of vaccine injury that has come into our lives to be an obstacle to being used by God. I am instead turning it into an opportunity to be used like never before!

This blog is dedicated to Brandon. His life has been forged by difficulty, obstacles, & all too often because of seizures - pain, blood, broken teeth, & broken bones. Yet through all that he has shown such fortitude. The bravery, strength, & resilience of a true warrior. He taught me that having strength through adversity means that even if you lose every battle, like the Lone Survivor, you never quit fighting until you win the war. That in the words of "NDCQ," you keep "dreaming," keep "daring," & keep "doing." As Team Guppy has yet to be able to escape vaccine injury, we have no choice but to as Levi Lusko writes, "Run toward the Roar." God has indeed given us such incredible power in enduring such impossible pain.

Some days the HOPEISM in that simply takes my breath away.

July 26, 2010

No Humans Allowed!

I'm not sure why this sign got my attention as it did --- maybe it's because each day that I walk this trail, a new human "rule" sign pops up.

I mean really....

Isn't it time that nature put up it's own sign for us that reads:  NO HUMANS ALLOWED!

Really, you don't know how much I want to make one and post it next to that.

It's a nature trail that I walk on daily, one where I've never even seen a horse. 
So what if one walks it?  I would love to pet one as it trotts by!
What's so threatening about horse poop?
The ingredients in vaccinations, the air, the water -- emit more toxins than having a pile of horse poop on a nature trail.

It'll degrade people!

Are we worried about crimes committed by horses on nature trails?

I would venture that more humans kill humans on nature trails.

I just don't get it.

Just where in nature, can you ride a horse these days?

It's almost as bad trying to find an open place to let your dog run.

Each week a new "all pets must be on leashes" sign appears omewhere on the trail.


I think it's the spoiled rotten bratty undisciplined kids let loose on the trail that nearly knock you over blaring past you on their skates, bikes, or skateboards -- that need to be on a leash; --- not the dogs that never bother anyone.

"Please pick up after your pet" -- stations all over as well.


Again, it degrades.

How long again does it take for those water bottles, fast food wrappers, and beer cans to degrade that I see more of along the trail than dog poop?

Instead of poop naturally degrading within a week or less if it rains, we have piles of poop in plastic bags sitting in metal cans taking years to degrade...

At a nature trail.

I guess I'm the only one who sees the humor in that.

I'm just sayin...

I'm not for a Kentucky Derby practice on my nature trail, nor would I be fond of a pit bull fight training session either.

But I just don't think the horses and dogs are the problem....

And it's not their waste that's unsightly.

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